About Me

Hello extraterrestrials, I am Liliana.

Liliana Balotti

Just a normal girl with a big dream. I want to be an astronaut. I am a very determined person with very precise and ambitious goals. Having great projects leads me to test myself day after day. That’s why I work hard to achieve all my goals with the best results.

Since I was a little child I‘ve always loved seeing the world from above. This has materialized by wanting to become an astronaut. For this reason, I am training to become one. Now I am attending the Alma Mater Studiorum, where I study Natural Science with the purpose to be an astrobiologist. Besides, in October I’ll start my certifications to become a speleologist.

I got myself involved in space-related matters. In 2016 the European Space Agency choose me to attend the Citizens’ Space Debate in Rome. In the same year, I’ve been to the post-flight tour of Expedition 42/43 meeting Samantha Cristoforetti and the cosmonaut of Roscosmos, Anton Shkaplerov. In April of 2018 European Space Agency choose me to take part to the launch of the satellite Sentinel-3B, in Russia. Newspaper and tv talked about my experience. In May I had my first talk about the Sentinel-3B experience at SpaceUp in Pisa.